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Mission Statement

We develop, implement, and research innovative approaches that prepare educators everywhere to teach computer science to all K-12 learners.

The Kenneth C. Griffin CS Education for All Initiative at the University of Florida is embedded in the School for Teaching and Learning within the College of Education. The initiative, known as CSEveryone, was founded upon the belief that all K-12 students deserve access to Computer Science (CS) education. CSEveryone focuses on five core areas and the first step towards preparing students is well-prepared teachers!

Teacher Preparation Courses

Exam Prep for FTCE Teacher Certification

Microcredentials / Onramps

Online Community of Practice Hub

Cross-state University Partnerships

CSEveryone will support teachers to become outstanding stewards of our youth in computer science. Our focus is on teacher preparation across the disciplines, to support teachers’ ability to incorporate computer science education into their practice. Our aim is to help teachers everywhere, starting here within our state. Together, we are building a community of practice to support teachers that builds on best practices, including the Universal Design for Learning and supporting inclusion for all K-12 students regardless of abilities.

We are launching our efforts by integrating CS education content into existing teacher preparation courses, expanding a CS education graduate level certificate program (including scholarship opportunities) and introducing a microcredential program.

Check back often as we continue to build our programs and create resources available to educators everywhere for free thanks to the generosity of our donor.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of passionate, experienced educators who believe in the importance of providing K-12 CS education opportunities for everyone.

Maya Israel

Maya Israel, Ph.D.


Maya Israel, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Educational Technology and Computer Science Education at the University of Florida. She is also the Director of the CSEveryone: The Kenneth C. Griffin CS Education for All Initiative as well as the Creative Technology Research Lab at the UF. Prior to entering higher education, Dr. Israel was a special education teacher. Her research focuses on strategies for supporting students with disabilities and other academically diverse learners’ meaningful engagement in computer science education through Universal Design for Learning (UDL). She is currently PI or co-PI on several grants including a National Science Foundation project that brings together researchers and educational leaders to address ways to make computer science education more inclusive to students with disabilities. Dr. Israel was a writer on the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework as well as the revisions of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Standards for Computer Science Teachers. Lastly, Dr. Israel works with multiple school districts on systemic and classroom strategies to more equitably include students with disabilities in K-12 computer science education initiatives.

Leela Kumaran

Leela Kumaran, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator

Leela is a research coordinator with the School of Teaching and Learning at COE, UF and manages multiple grant awards. Leela’s academic background includes masters and doctoral degrees in Biology and also a masters degree in Educational Administration. Before arriving at UF in 2009, her work experience includes being faculty in Zoology for 15 years at the Madras Christan College, Chennai, India, and then a research coordinator at the COE, University of Hawaii. To date, Leela has managed more than $25 million in grant funding. Her diverse and extensive experience in academia and higher educational administration enables her to meaningfully contribute to all programmatic and roll out aspects of grant roll out and management.

Joanne Barrett

Joanne Barrett, Ed.D.

Director of Teacher Development

Joanne is a former computer science classroom teacher who is working as the Director of Teacher Education for the Kenneth C. Griffin Computer Science Education for All Initiative. She earned her doctorate in 2017 from the University of Florida in Educational Technology. Her research interest is K-12 computer science education.

Carla Strickland

Carla Strickland

Mentoring Program Coordinator

Carla Strickland is the Digital Development Manager at UChicago STEM Education. She is an expert in digitally enhanced STEM curriculum, teaching, and learning. Her work involves working with elementary teachers and administrators to integrate computer science into their existing STEM instruction, with a particular focus on culturally responsive pedagogy and curriculum. Carla brings an Afro-Caribbean perspective and a passion for equitable, high-quality instruction to her work in education.

Johnny Delgado

Johnny Delgado

Microcredential Developer

Johnny Delgado is a member of the Griffin CS For All Initiative. His primary focuses are in developing a microcredential to introduce pre-service teachers to computer science (CS) and supporting the development of teacher candidates at PK Yonge. Before his employment at UF, Johnny worked in secondary education promoting project-based cross-disciplinary learning, and teaching AP CS and Virtual Reality Video Game Design/Development.

Don Miller

Don Miller

Director of Computer Science Outreach and Implementation

Don is an artist and educator working as part of The Kenneth C. Griffin CS Education for All Initiative at the University of Florida. He has worked for the last decade promoting K-12 CS education nationwide. Don graduated from NYU’s ITP graduate program in 2011. After that, he served as the Senior Director of Computer Science Academics for the NYC Department of Education. As part of the Mayor’s CS4All initiative, Don worked to bring computer science to all 1.1 million NYC public school students. After relocating to Florida, he worked for Code.org as a Regional Manager, managing 15 university and nonprofit partners in eight states to facilitate the training of thousands of new computer science teachers at hundreds of schools across the USA. Don’s creative work includes the development of software-based video synthesizers and use of nearly obsolete electronics to create psychedelic low-resolution video art. He has performed, exhibited, and lectured worldwide. Much of the software he creates has been released for free and is open source.

Nykema Lindsey

Nykema Lindsey

Innovative CS Education Teaching and Learning Specialist

Nykema serves as the Innovative CS Education Teaching and Learning Specialist on the Kenneth C. Griffin CS Education for All Initiative at the University of Florida. Prior to coming to UF, Nykema worked as a program manager, curriculum/instructional designer and event coordinator for a number of educational outreach/technology companies. Throughout her various roles she has worked to ensure students with various disabilities have access to accessible and inclusive programs and curricula. Passionate about the intersectionality of race, gender, disability, and socioeconomic status, Nykema aims to create low-cost/affordable physically accessible edtech for the 21st century learner.

Albert Ritzhaupt

Albert Ritzhaupt, Ph.D.

Director of Certification Exam Team

Albert D. Ritzhaupt is a Professor of Educational Technology and Computer Science Education, a member of the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies (IALT), a research member of the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT), and the President of the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (IBSTPI). Dr. Ritzhaupt led the creation of the online assessment practice platform for the FTCE Computer Science K-12 certification examination on the CSEveryone website, which includes three practice assessments for aspiring CS teachers in Florida.

Michael McKelvey

Michael McKelvey

Web Development & Accessibility Specialist

Michael is a web developer focusing on IT accessibility for the Kenneth C. Griffin Computer Science Education for All Initiative. He works with other staff to develop accessible materials so that the project’s content and deliverables will be usable by all participants, especially those with disabilities. He earned his B.S. and Ed.M. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has a particular interest in outreach and engagement work, especially when it involves helping researchers and educators communicate about math, science, technology, and sustainability through web-based games, curriculum materials, and citizen-science initiatives. He also leads a monthly discussion group related to IT accessibility where everyone involved in the development and maintenance of websites and other digital products can bring their accessibility questions to an open dialog.

Jule Martínez Ruiz

Jule Martínez Ruiz

Graphic Designer

Jule Martínez Ruiz is a graphic designer with a passion for blending visual storytelling with accessible learning. They earned their B.A. in Education from the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus in 2014, obtaining their teaching certification from the Puerto Rico Department of Education.
Pursuing their interest in visual narratives that support learning, their artistic background includes school textbook illustration for PR based publishers, and character concept art for US based nonprofits that foster equitable learning. In 2018 they relocated to Florida, joining the University of Florida’s Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering as a Research Facilitator. Transitioning into the position of Graphic Designer in 2022 for the same department, they defined the visual identity of various initiatives that pursue accessible CS education. Currently Jule has joined the College of Education’s CS Everyone Center, contributing their artistic effort to the Center’s many projects. In doing so, they aim to create visual narratives that are accessible to the Center’s diverse audiences.


Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett is a Research Assistant for the Creative Technology Research Lab and a doctoral student at the University of Florida. Andrew earned a M.Ed. in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard University, a M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education from Syracuse University, a M.A. in English / Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska – Kearney, and a B.A. in English from Gustavus Adolphus College. Previous related work experience includes a research internship with the Creative Computing Lab at Harvard, being a teaching assistant for a Universal Design for Learning course at Syracuse University and being an education technician intern for the Special Education division at the headquarters of the Department of Defense Education Activity. Andrew’s research interests are related to accessibility, teacher and preservice teacher professional development related to UDL, and integrating UDL into computer science curriculum.

LaToya Chandler

LaToya Chandler

LaToya Chandler is a doctoral candidate in curriculum and instruction specializing in Educational Technology. She is an interdisciplinary science faculty in Guitars Rocketry and Robotics Advanced Technical Education (GRRATE) at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. Her work with the GRRATE program is centered on increasing self-efficacy in STEM through learning with robotics and supporting self-regulation strategy in K-12 students’ problem solving. She holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from Florida A&M University. She is currently a fellow of the 2nd cohort in the Community College Presidents’ Initiative in STEM (CCPI STEM). Her research interests are in leveraging technology and scaffolding experiential learning environments to promote metacognitive awareness and self-regulation strategies.

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Meize Guo

Meize Guo, Ph.D.

Meize Guo is a post-doctoral research associate at the CS Everyone: Kenneth C. Griffin CS Education for All Initiative. Meize holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology with a minor in Science Education from Indiana University Bloomington. Her professional goal is to support both learners and teachers in broadening participation in technology integration, STEM education, and CS education at the K-12 level.

Nikki Hutchins

Nikki Hutchins, Ph.D.

Nikki is a post-doctoral research associate with the CS Everyone Center. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Vanderbilt in 2022 and was named a EECS Rising Star. Leveraging her prior experience as a K-12 teacher, her work focuses on co-designing and developing adaptive classroom technologies, teaching augmentation tools, and professional learning experiences to better support our K-12 classroom teachers and engage all students in meaningful, technology-enhanced learning.

CS Fellows

Trinity Gram

Trinity Gram

CS Fellow

Shelby Morgan

Shelby Morgan

CS Fellow

Seanna Ryan

Seanna Ryan

CS Fellow

Special Thanks To

  • Richard Bex, Ph.D. – Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Tammy Huang, Ph.D. – Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Shaun Hurley, Ed.D. – CS Assessment Coordinator
  • Nimala Arunachalam – CS Assessment Content Creator

  • Annmargareth Marousky – CS Assessment Content Creator

  • Vijayshree Sundar – CS Assessment Content Creator

  • Matthew Feiler – CS Assessment Content Creator

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